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About Us


Recruiting Realities was founded to provide student-athletes and their families with an educational resource about the collegiate athletic recruiting process.

In order to participate in college athletics at any level, all student-athletes have to be evaluated by coaches andor recruiters. If you (student-athlete) are not rated as one of the top 300-500 players in your sport, position or event in the world, you need to realize the competition for athletic-related aid has become so intense that student-athletes now need to educate themselves on how to play this game.

It is difficult for both student-athletes and their families to completely understand a coach’s evaluation process. It seems that some student-athletes receive scholarships, while others who appear to have equal ability do not. This occurs simply because some student-athletes (”blue chip”) receive more exposure and are listed in hundreds of college recruiting pools. The reality is that there are thousands of scholarships and various forms of need and merit-based financial aid available.

To begin with, choosing a college is difficult enough without the pressure of recruiters. Whether you are highly recruited, moderately recruited or not being recruited at all, Recruiting Realities will provide you with information pertinent to your situation and to an eventual college choice.

To participate in college athletics at any level, keep these in mind:

There are thousands of scholarships and various forms of financial aid available.

The competition is so intense for athletic-related aid that student-athletes must market themselves.

Maximum exposure for a student-athlete means being listed in as many recruiting pools as possible.

The most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it has to be done, whether you like it or not.