6 Myths & Realities of the College Recruiting Process

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College recruiting myths run rampant through high school athletics just like a juicy piece of gossip or rumor. No one really knows the ins and outs of the process, especially since it’s something a young athlete experiences just once in their lives. As such, mistakes happen. But fortunately, recruiting expert Jack Renkens, who has 30 years of experience in the field, is here to help. With his straightforward, no-nonsense seminars, Renkens will provide you with the truth and approach to college athletic recruiting that you need. He’ll give you the straight facts about the entire process. According to Renkens, “This is not a 4 year decision. This is a 40 year decision.” Therefore it’s important to give your one shot all you’ve got! Here are 6 myths that often get aspiring college athletes into trouble:

6 Myths & Realities of the College Recruiting Process

Everyone’s college recruitment experience is different, but the vast numbers of college recruiting myths that circulate make the entire process confusing and difficult. The best solution for any prospective collegiate athlete is to get Jack Renkens’ student-athlete guidebook, “Recruiting Realities: It’s a Game, Know the Rules”. It’s full of success tips and solutions to many of the questions you may have about college recruiting and can help you get on the right path to finding the perfect program for you!

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