Knowledge You’ll Gain at a Recruiting Realities Seminar

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Wouldn’t you like to learn the secrets of college athletic recruiting from someone who has experienced it from every seat at the table? Recruiting expert Jack Renkens has seen it all. A former student-athlete himself, Renkens went on to be a coach and athletic director at both the high school and collegiate level. Additionally, he has been the parent of a student-athlete who successfully navigated the murky road of college recruitment. Realizing that both athletes and their parents really don’t have a clue about how the process works, Renkens decided to share his vast experience and knowledge with people so that everyone can have a fair shot. President of Recruiting Realities, Renkens gives in-person seminars all across the country, educating parents and their student-athletes on how they can take their best shot in playing at the collegiate level.

At over 165 seminars held at high schools each year, Jack teaches you everything you need to know about what the recruiting process is actually like, and he prepares student-athletes and their parents for what to expect and how to realistically approach college recruitment. Some of the key points you’ll become familiar with include:

  • Who is responsible to initiate the recruiting process
  • How to research schools and market the student-athlete
  • What avenues are available for student-athletes who want to participate at the college level and are not being recruited
  • Where college programs obtain student-athlete names and addresses for their initial recruiting pool
  • When a student-athlete needs to become a member of a recruiting pool
  • How to obtain a copy of the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete free of charge
  • How there are so many opportunities to participate in a collegiate athletic program and why student-athletes don’t know about them
  • How to research schools that meet your academic and athletic interest and get in their recruiting pools
  • How to find out which colleges offer athletic scholarships, and how to get funded by those who do not offer athletic related aid
  • Learn what written correspondence and phone contact actually mean
  • The Dangers of Social Media
  • Find out how college budgets affect the strategies and techniques used by recruiters
  • Learn what questions to ask on initial phone contact to locate your position in the recruiting pool
  • How to schedule home and campus visits and how they can aid in your decision-making process
  • What a profile service is and how it can benefit the student-athlete

Rated as the No. 1 athletic educational presentation in America, Jack Renkens’s Recruiting Realities seminars are the single most valuable and informative tool for any aspiring student-athlete. You certainly want to take advantage of this free opportunity to get a grasp on what to expect in the coming years as you prepare for your career after high school. To learn how you can take your recruitment to the top level, be sure to fill out a student athlete evaluation form. To see where Jack is scheduled to speak, view his upcoming events here or follow Jack on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And if you don’t see anywhere nearby where he is speaking, request to schedule a Recruiting Realities seminar at your high school.

Don’t get caught twiddling your thumbs while your peers are preparing to play college sports! Attend a Recruiting Realities seminar and learn how you can achieve your athletic goals.

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