What Baseball Student-Athletes Can Learn From the World Series

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The best way to become the best student-athlete you can be is practice. But also seeing and imitating will go a long way. With the Major League Baseball World Series underway, there are plenty of things a young baseball student-athlete can learn from watching it attentively. Here are the reasons.


When someone is pursuing a career in law, they go through several mock trial sessions and watch several past cases. Like law, a career in sports works sort of the same way. You have to watch the pros do it, especially in super competitive situations like the World Series. A good start if you are a pitcher is imitating throwing mechanics, or if you are a catcher, try learning the type of movements catchers make. Imitating what players in the World Series can make your game better since they are the best of the best.

Learn Strategy

With the World Series being a win-or-go home deal, coaches and players make unusual decisions that you might not be used to seeing in the regular season. In the World Series you will see different strategies used whether in the form of more bunting and intentionally walking players, and defensive-minded starting lineups. There is a lot of strategy to learn from the World Series as a student-athlete.

Learn Emotion and How To Control It

Baseball is a long season of many games which can easily dilute the feeling of competition. High school or college baseball may seem boring at times because of this. In fact, one of the biggest complains from college coaches is that you can’t recruit effectively with student-athlete’s never being in a real competitive environment during their high school seasons. But when you watch the World Series that can definitely change perspective as you see how invested players are to win it all. It can teach you that playing with emotion can elevate your game and most importantly make the sport more fun.

It also teaches you that it’s okay to make mistakes even on the grand-scale and not lose your head. These pros are playing in front of thousands and being watched on TV by millions, but usually keep their composure when they commit an error or lose the game for their team.

Seeing and learning these kind of values from the pros will maybe lead you to one day to be in the same position.

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