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National Letter of Intent: What is it and when is Signing Day?

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When it comes to accepting an athletic scholarship from most NCAA D1 and D2 schools, student-athletes are asked to sign ...

Pros of Paid College Athletes

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The average Division 1 college is raking in more than $4.5 million in revenue a year. Division 1 college athletes are taking in $0 from that revenue. This alone makes a ...

Ivy League Advocates to Limit Early Recruitment Athletes

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There are already strict NCAA rules about when and how a college coach can recruit and make contact with young high school athletes. Technically, student-athletes aren’t supposed to be recruited until their junior year, but of course numerous loopholes ...

NCAA Allows Sensible Social Media Rules for Recruits

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Recruiting is tough game for coaches and players, as the rules are very complex and ever changing. The NCAA is very strict in these matters and typically prefers for schools not to openly recruit a young athlete. However, ...

Prospective Student-Athletes Should Brace for Endless Barrage of Text Messages

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One of the new NCAA rules regards the ability for college coaches to contact the players they may be interested in. Typically, the NCAA has had very strict policies regarding how much communication can occur between athlete and ...

New NCAA Rule Allows Colleges to Pay for Guardians Way on Official Recruiting Trips

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The NCAA made a big step forward recently by passing a new rule to help prospective college recruits make the best decision on where to continue their athletic and collegiate careers.

6 NCAA Requirements for Student-Athletes

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It doesn't matter if you are a top 10 athlete on your team, in the conference, in the state or in the nation, if you want a college athletic scholarship, there are 4 steps you need to complete... and possibly ...