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Paying for college has become substantially more challenging for students of this generation, including those who have been offered partial athletic scholarships to a wide range of universities across the country. Settling for your favorite school despite their inability to offer a great financial package could leave you cash-strapped and heavily in debt upon graduation. Fortunately, recruiting expert Jack Renkens is here to help. Perhaps his most important message is:
College Recruiting Tip from Recruiting Realities
Student athletes seeking scholarships need to base their college decisions upon which school shows the most interest in them, and this is generally revealed in the type and amount of scholarship money they offer to you.
One key reason why it’s better to interact with schools that have keyed in on you over the school you may have grown up supporting is that it puts you in a far better position to negotiate your scholarship. If you’re someone who’s desperately wanted to play for their favorite DI college, and you’re not talking to anyone else, you may be offered just several thousands of dollars or merely the chance to walk on. Many students jump at the opportunity, settling for years of future student loan payments in the process. Meanwhile, there may have been dozens of lesser known DII and DIII schools that would have loved to have signed you, and could have offered far greater financial scholarships! This is why you must let the schools come to you instead of trying to chase them down. This puts you in a wonderful position to negotiate your scholarship. When a coach tells you he can only offer $5,000 per year, you can mention the several other schools that have committed $20,000. Which situation do you think will pay out in the long run?
Another benefit of welcoming a wider range of colleges to your services is that you’ll improve the opportunity for greater funding. Perhaps that initial offer of $5,000 will rise substantially after the coach understands that you’re a hot commodity. Or maybe you’ll be able to better assess your options and which schools sincerely want you based on how much each offers.

It is also wise to consider the DII and DIII schools across the nation. They generally offer just as fine an education as the big schools (sometimes even better), and will likely be far more generous in their scholarship offerings. If you’re getting the same education at a substantially lower price, what does it matter?
The importance of the situation is magnified by the cost of a college education these days.
Currently, 42 million Americans bear a crippling $1.3 trillion of student debt.
This is altering lives, relationships, and even retirement. The debt crisis is deepening each year, and numerous adults find themselves the objects of pushy debt collectors and even lawsuits as loan companies try to pry the debt obligations from former college students. Here are just some common stories that have recently been told:
• Former student, Brandon Hill was sued after he complained to state regulators about collectors’ shady tactics of berating him with 5AM phone calls. Read more
• Another option is joining the military, which was chosen by Saul Newton, who couldn’t afford his rising tuition costs, but he was still making student loan payments on an earlier loan while deployed overseas! As he states, “You shouldn’t have to go to war to get a college education.” Read more
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The benefits of athletic scholarships have never been so paramount as they are today, and students interested in pursuing athletics in college need to be educated and prepared to best secure their future with excellent funding. Be sure to check out Recruiting Realities today and find out how you can learn from Jack Renkens to make the most of your college athletics opportunity!


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