How Do I Get Recruited? Methods and Myths

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College Recruitment Methods and Myths

1. You can wait to be discovered

Nearly everyone believes that if a student-athlete receives all-conference, all-area, or all-state honors, colleges will find them. The fact is you will only limit your options to local schools who will have the opportunity to read about you and see you play. In many instances there is a local school who would love to recruit you but are already committed to another student or has their squad filled at your position. Consequently, they don’t contact you and nobody seems to understand why.
Always remember that even though one school may not be interested in you, there is one out there who is.

2. You can attend a camp or clinic

The majority of student-athletes attend some type of camp or clinic but don’t realize they are only exposing their talents to the college where the camp/clinic is being held. It is nice to get away from home and attend a college camp, but your first choice should be a camp/clinic offered by your high school or coach. They care about you and teach the strategies and techniques that will be utilized by your team during the season.
If your high school or coach does not offer a camp/clinic, you should ask him or her which one they would recommend. So many camps, clinics, showcases etc. Make claims about how many college coaches and/or pro scouts will be in attendance that families are lured in by the possibility of being discovered. The reality remains that if you are not being recruited (receiving mail on a regular basis), the odds of the discovery theory are minimal. College coaches and/or pro scouts primarily attend these events to evaluate student-athletes they are already recruiting. Your high school coach is knowledgeable and cares about your future, so take their recommendation.

3. You can ask your high school coach for assistance

Most coaches are willing to help in every way possible, but realize the position you are putting them in:

  • First, understand his/her schedule and workload. It is virtually impossible for high school coaches to assist every student-athlete in his/her program.
  • Secondly, high school coaches do not have budgets set aside to pay for mailings and phone contact. They are a great resource for college recruiters, but it is your responsibility to market your talents and get your name in front of college coaches. Your high school coach is there for guidance and direction.

4. You can join or try-out for an AAU, Junior Olympics or Club Team

This is a great way to get exposure but the number of participants are usually limited to the best of the best in your local area. College coaches, as well as recruiting services, utilize state and national events extensively to identify prospects. However, they are primarily used to make personal evaluations of student-athletes already on their recruiting list and only programs with large budgets are able to attend numerous events. Schools who would love to recruit you but are already committed to 34 “IT’S AMAZING HOW MUCH CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED IF NO ONE CARES WHO GETS THE CREDIT” another student or has their squad filled at your position. Consequently, they don’t contact you and nobody seems to understand why.

5. You can personally research schools

This is the choice that most student-athletes, parents and coaches make to introduce achievements to college coaches. One problem – they rarely, if ever, contact enough schools. It takes a great deal of commitment, both in terms of time and expense, to get involved with enough schools. Remember, there is power in numbers.

6. You can interview with a NCSA Specialist to be identified, evaluated and become pro-active in the recruiting game.

A reputable and trustworthy organization which helps student-athletes do it right the first time can make the college recruiting process an enjoyable and successful process.
Providing easy and organized access to highlight videos, statistics, and academic information makes a coach’s job much easier. Having a large digital platform makes it extremely easy to post profiles and videos and makes athletes immediately visible to thousands of coaches.
Every athlete hoping to be recruited needs to have online athletic and academic resume, college coaches need to know about a recruit before they’ll spend the time scouting them in person. College coaches are inundated with information from potential recruits, but they rely heavily on evaluations from third parties that they trust who provide them with verified information. A NCSA specialist can evaluate student-athletes providing honest answers about their skill level and become pro-active in a network of thousands of college coaches that fit the student-athlete’s needs.
Coaches need students that not only enhance their school’s team efforts but also match the academic standards set by their institution of higher education.
In the past, obtaining this “match” could be frustrating and disappointing. A high percentage of college coaches simply lack the resources or funds needed to truly explore the rich pool of potential candidates available. Today both student-athletes and college coaches can take advantage of the services offered by NCSA Sports.


In today’s world there are dozens of recruiting services promising athleteshelp earning scholarships. NCSA Sports has been in the businessfor over 16 years and we meet directly with student-athletes and their families. We identify the student-athlete’s academic achievement, evaluate their ability to play at the next level and become pro-active to the right coaches and programs.

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