How Social Media Plays A Role In College Recruiting

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Social Media and College Recruiting
Social media has changed the way college recruiting works. Before, the only channels a student athlete had with a college was through their coach or scouts. Now more than ever, both student athletes and universities are active on social media, which work cohesively in the recruiting process by being able to both attract and vet prospects.

Social media helps student-athletes be able to check out university information without having to make an official visit. College social media channels provide student-athletes with a way to see how campus life is, what activities are happening, and the team’s personality and culture. Coaches can also engage in conversations with student athletes with things like Facebook Live or Twitter, making the getting-to-know-you process simpler than ever.

With social media college, recruiters get better insight into recruits by looking at their interests, opinions and conversations. For example, a recruit might have a strong interest in outdoor activities. A college surrounded by nature might have a better edge in recruiting that prospect and knowing what to showcase during their visit.

It also works the other way around, as college recruiters can screen recruits by the way they carry themselves on social media. Just like employers do, It would be no surprise if interest in a recruit was dropped because their social media persona was not something the coaches think would fit with their program. Not only that, but they definitely don’t want a student athlete that wouldn’t represent the school well on social media.

Social media is also being competitively analyzed by college recruiters by seeing how fellow recruiters are engaging with their prospects. And since fans and followers of universities also have a good influence on student-athlete decisions, their interactions with student-athletes are also being analyzed.

As social media use continues to grow, it is possible the NCAA may tighten regulations, but also expect university recruiters to come up with new strategies and continue to grow their social media efforts in order to attract prospects and try to gain a competitive edge against other college recruiters.

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