How To Balance Academics and Athletics as a Student-Athlete

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Being a student-athlete is tough. The athletic ability and skills won’t be enough if you can’t perform on the academic level. Deadlines and commitments as a high school or college athlete will add to the effect of feeling overwhelmed and helplessness as a striving student-athlete. These symptoms are inevitable, but easing them is possible. Here is a guide to help you balance academics and athletics as a student-athlete.

Get Rid of Distractions

In this day and age it’s easier for student-athletes to get distracted with smart phones and more readily available media than ever. It’s important to set all distractions aside. Doing things like turning off your phone and not having a TV during your season will help a lot. Avoid having friends that just want to party. Friends will always be there, and losing friends over not wanting to hang with them should be the least of your concerns. It’s the student-athletes that do best in avoiding distractions that will stand out, so don’t let anything get in the way of your student-athlete life.

Compose A To-Do List

A to-do list can seem old-fashioned and ineffective, but a to-do list actually sets realistic expectations and helps you prioritize your everyday activities. For example, you may want to put studying for an exam at the top of your to-do list, team practice as second and cleaning room as third. The priority will be to be fully prepared for that exam, then attend practice, and lastly if time allows, clean your room. Updating your to-do list daily, will help you improve your time management skills and set you for more success in gettings things done.

Work Equally Hard

Have dreams of playing at a higher level is awesome and should be a dream that every athlete strives for. But that doesn’t mean academics should get the minimum effort. Academics should be your backbone. For example, you never know when an unexpected injury can occur and, god forbid, potentially ruin your sports career. Having a strong background in academics will be vital for your future without sports, whenever that day arrives.

Apply the same amount of hard work that you exercise during practice and competition to your studies. Reading and attaining knowledge will work wonders in making you a strong student-athlete, especially when being recruited by a college.

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