How To Be A Student-Athlete In More Than One Sport

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How To Be A Multi Sport Athlete
There are three types of student-athletes you can be, one where you are just invested in one sport, one where you are equally invested in more than one sport, or one where you’re primarily invested in one sport more, but have other sports you also train and compete in.

A student-athlete may make the decision to play more than one sport, primarily for the reason that it makes you a better prospect. The only problem is that a student-athlete of this type may be susceptible to more injuries and poorer grades due to the extra time it can take.

One Sport A Season

Don’t play more than one sport at the same time or season. School districts will usually spread out seasons of different sports during the year, but it is possible to fall in love with two sports that fall in the same season. For example, soccer and basketball which usually occur during the same season (winter). This can still be made possible if for example you play soccer for your school as your primary sport and play for recreational league after the season.

Playing more than one sport a season can lead to serious fatigue and serious injury, causing a drop in grades and overall health.


Don’t overwork your body. If you are experiencing fatigue and small injuries after a season, don’t just jump to the next season. Make sure you get actual rest and be 100 percent starting competition again as these injuries can just get more serious.


It’s important to learn how to speak up as a student-athlete. Sometimes pressure from coaches or parents can make you feel pressured and just add more unnecessary stress to your life. If being a student-athlete in more than one sport is affecting your health and school effort then it is important to talk to your coaches or parents and let them know how you are feeling.

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