Inspirational Stories for Student Athletes

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Kieran Behan
Hearing inspirational stories of successful student-athletes can remind us that anything is possible. The following stories demonstrate that the recipe for success for a student-athlete is hard work and perseverance.

Michael Jordan

Did you know Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team? Jordan’s early stages of his student-athlete career were tough. Jordan noted that he’s lost almost 300 games and missed 26 game winning shots. Obviously, Michael Jordan is considered the best basketball player ever by many. He was quoted as saying, “Failure always makes me try harder on the next opportunity.”

Michael Phelps

Even if you don’t know much about swimming, you’re probably still familiar with the name Michael Phelps. Phelps struggled with ADHD as a student-athlete, but that did not stop him from being highly competitive. In fact, he has attributed the positive side of ADHD for his success by being able to channel a hyperfocus when it comes to swimming competitively.

Kieran Behan

Kieran Behan, a gymnast was told at the age of 10 he would never walk again and was confined to a wheelchair. Determined to still go for his Olympic dreams, after a lot of work, Kieren was walking again about a year and a half later and continued in gymnastics. At the age of 15, Kieren suffered a head injury while practicing. He had to use a walking stick and was taunted by his schoolmates.

Nonetheless, he continued to work hard to recover and get back to his goals and again got injured so badly that he strongly considering giving up. He didn’t and in 2011 he became a Challenge World Cup champion and in 2012 participated in the Olympics.

Hopefully this student-athlete’s stories can inspire you and remind you that despite difficult obstacles anything is possible when you are trying to be the best you can be.

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