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NCSA Team Edition

You’ve probably dealt with a lot of changes in the past year because of COVID-19 and how it affects you and your athletes. Things like video calls and grocery delivery have become normal for many, so it’s no surprise that for many coaches and administrators, online recruiting became the norm as travel options were limited. This increase in online recruiting could be here to stay for the long haul. On top of all the COVID restrictions, NCAA D1 programs are still in a dead period until May 31, 2021.

That’s why this is the perfect time to utilize NCSA Team Edition, the free tool that helps manage your athletes’ recruiting and gets your program more recruiting exposure.

Team Edition helps all coaches—regardless of program size or level of play—get involved in recruiting in a way that makes sense for you and your athletes’ families. Here are a few ways you can leverage Team Edition:

  • Team up with the national leader in recruiting: 90% of college programs have had an NCSA athlete on their roster
  • See which colleges are viewing your athletes’ profiles
  • Track the recruiting progress of your athletes
  • Access a national directory of college coaches to build your network
  • Share valuable recruiting resources with athletes and families
  • Get your athletes free access to a recruiting tool they’ll actually use

Coaches and administrators can use helpful Team Edition features to get valuable insights into their athletes’ recruiting process, helping them along the way. With Team Edition you’ll get access to:

  • Coach dashboard: See which colleges are actively recruiting, track athlete recruiting activity in real-time and find college programs across the country.
  • Search colleges: Use an interactive map to see every college offering your sport. Search by division level, enrollment, majors, and more.
  • College coach directory: Access up-to-date names, phone numbers and email addresses for every coaching staff in the country.
  • Fundraising tools: Create and manage an online fundraising campaign for your organization with NCSA Teamraiser

This is a perfect time to give Team Edition a try, and it’s free for you and your athletes! Visit to get started or reach us at 312-999-6176 if you have any questions.

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