Your Questions about the NCAA Eligibility Center Answered!

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NCAA Eligibility Center for Aspiring Student-Athletes

The NCAA Eligibility Center is where you’ll upload all your high school transcripts and tests scores, as well as your athletic history to prove your amateur status, ensuring your eligibility to play at the D-I, D-II, or NAIA levels. Formerly known as the NCAA Clearinghouse, the Eligibility Center is a crucial step for student-athletes preparing for college sports. Here is a helpful Q&A regarding important information you’ll want to know:

Q: What is the purpose of the NCAA Eligibility Center?

A: A student athlete must meet certain academic eligibility requirements to be able to play in D-I, D-II, or NAIA schools. By providing information such as high school transcripts and test scores, you’ll be able to prove your academic qualities to prospective colleges. This system also enables coaches to quickly assess your eligibility.

Q: I’m a student-athlete who wants to play sports in college. Should I register for the NCAA Eligibility Center?

A: If you wish to play at the D-I, D-II, or NAIA levels you will need to create a Certification Account here. If you want to compete at a Division III school or are not yet sure where you want to compete, please create a Profile account for free.

Q: How do I register for the NCAA Eligibility Center?

A: Go to to begin the registration process. You will need to provide general info about yourself, your school, and athletic participation history. Also, after signing up, you’ll need to fill out Transcript Release Forms so that your school will release info regarding your grades and GPA. Additionally, you’ll need to request that your test scores on the SAT/ACT are sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Make sure you review the documents on your profile to ensure everything has been received and uploaded. Often times school officials will forget to send something, so be sure to check!

Q: Why wouldn’t I register with the Eligibility Center?

A: If you plan to play at a D-III or NJCAA school you won’t need to register with the eligibility center, though you can still create a free profile so coaches can find you. However, if you know that you won’t be attempting D-I, D-II, or NAIA schools, this is optional but highly recommended.

Q: What is the minimum GPA for NCAA Eligibility?

A: You’ll need to achieve 2 of the 3 following criteria for eligibility: Finish in the top half of your graduating class, have at least a 2.0 GP, score better than 860 on the SAT (or 16 on the ACT).

Q: How much does it cost to sign up for the NCAA?

A: $90 for students in the USA, $150 for international students.

Registering for the NCAA Eligibility Center should be completed at the end of your Sophomore year (at the latest, beginning Junior year) in high school, but it is very important that you do so quickly around this time. College Coaches will often meet you and then check your eligibility. If you haven’t filled out the necessary forms to ensure eligibility, they may quickly move on to another athlete. There are countless horror stories about athletes being overlooked because they didn’t take the hour or two necessary to complete these forms. Don’t be one of them! Instead, learn all about the trials and tribulations to expect in college athletic recruiting with Jack Renkens’ helpful guidebook, “The Ultimate Student-Athlete Handbook”. Or, attend one of his insightful college recruiting seminars held all throughout the country (view upcoming tour dates). Remember, you only get one chance at college recruiting, so make sure you’re well prepared so that you can focus on getting into the right program for you!

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