NCSA’s 2021 National Student-Athlete Day Recap

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NCSA's National Student-Athlete Day Recap

On April 6, NCSA recognized (and celebrated!) the accomplishments of student-athletes nationwide—and internationally, too!

Q: What is National Student Athlete Day?

A: National Student Athlete Day is celebrated annually on April 6.

It was created in 1987 by the Institute for Sport & Social Justice to honor the outstanding achievements of high school and college athletes in athletics and academics. This event also recognizes athletes who have contributed to their schools and communities.

Q: Why celebrate National Student Athlete Day?

A: Not only do student-athletes regularly juggle the demands of their sport, academics and extracurriculars, they excel in these areas—and have a positive impact on their communities.

National Student Athlete Day encourages others to support the student-athletes in their lives in all of their endeavors, goals and aspirations. Plus, it also gives student-athletes an opportunity to acknowledge their achievements and cheer themselves on!

Q: How did NCSA celebrate National Student Athlete Day?

A: This year, NCSA kicked off the celebrations by hosting a free, online speaker series titled Prioritizing Mental Wellness. You can watch a recap of these events on NCSA’s YouTube Channel.

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While student-athletes regularly overcome obstacles in their sport, school and life, they faced unexpected and unprecedented challenges to their athletic and academic careers and life in general as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NCSA’s virtual speaker series acknowledged that student-athletes have dealt with increased stress and anxiety over the last year and offered practical tools to help improve their mental strength, confidence and motivation.

Parents and athletes were invited to attend three events throughout the day and hear from mental conditioning experts, as well as collegiate and pro athletes as they discussed the importance of mental training and wellness for student-athletes.

NCSA also encouraged student-athletes to celebrate themselves and their teammates using #NationalStudentAthleteDay and #NatlSADay on their social media accounts.

Q: What events took place?

A: NCSA streamed three virtual events LIVE on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels:

See Yourself be Successful: Building Confidence Through Imagery. IMG Academy’s Head of Mental Conditioning Lindsey Hamilton discussed how using imagery in your mental preparation can help foster increased confidence and enhanced athletic performance. At IMG, she leads, develops and facilitates a team of 12 mental conditioning coaches that oversee the mental skills development of over 1,200 student-athletes across eight sports.

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Overcome It. Austin Hatch, a former University of Michigan basketball player and two-time plane crash survivor recounted how grit can help student-athletes in the midst of adversity by sharing his own story of tragedy, incomprehensible loss and ultimately triumph.

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You Will Always Be a Better Human than Athlete. WNBA Dallas Wings player, mental health advocate and poet Imani McGee-Stafford shared how athletes can maintain a positive self-image and shape their identity beyond their sport while also prioritizing their mental health.

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