Pros and Cons of Going Pro After High School

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Pros and Cons of Going Pro After High School
The debate about becoming a professional athlete right after high school has been ongoing for decades. In fact, professional leagues like the NBA and NFL prevent it with making athletes be out of high schooll for a specific number of years before they are draft-eligible. The MLB on the other hand, doesn’t.

Still, there are ways basketball athletes get around the rules by just going abroad to play pro first. Here’s the good and the bad about student athletes going pro straight after high school.


When it comes to the good things about going pro after high school, it has to primarily do with rookie contracts, money, and time.

  • A rookie contract is inevitable in leagues like the NBA and the NFL. The quicker a player gets through it, the faster he will be able to move on to big money contracts.
  • As mentioned with the rookie contract, time is money. The purpose of college is to get an education, be prepared for the job world and be able to make a good living. By going pro, you are already accomplishing making a good living.
  • One of the greatest benefits of going pro after high school is time management. In college, not a lot of time is allocated to student-athletes to practice their game. In the pros, you get to spend whatever time you want working on your skills and already start playing against pro players thus perhaps elevating your game quicker than you would in college.


The cons of going pro straight after high school are lack of maturity and work ethic, and bad influence from external environments.

  • At such a young age, players may not have matured enough to understand certain situations that may arise in a professional game or locker room. For example, college basketball is big on shaping team players. A player who bypasses this by going pro abroad can be susceptible to lack of leadership and knowing how to handle times of distress.
  • College sports require a lot of work ethic both academically and athletically. A player with a bad work ethic can easily diminish their value when they can’t adjust to professional type of play.
  • Becoming a professional athlete soon after high school leaves to explore to bad elements, such as people who are only interested in being friends because of their money. Also things such as not being to take care of your finances correctly is one of the biggest issues with sports athletes today.

In the end, it is safe to say the debate will continue because there are strong arguments on both sides as well as real life examples of athletes’ decisions and how they worked out.

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  • Phillip

    I think we should allow high schoolers to go straight to the nba because if that player is so great they can help the team that they are on.

    April 23rd, 2018 Reply