Straight Talk: Sports Parent Tips from Former College Coach, Jack Renkens

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College Recruiting Seminar by Jack Renkens

Recruiting expert Jack Renkens knows the game from all sides. He was the captain of his college basketball team, a coach at both the high school and collegiate level, and a parent to a daughter who went through the college recruitment process herself. To say that Renkens has seen it all is an understatement, and he’s got some straight talking advice not only for student-athletes, but for their parents as well.

The link between parents and successful sports stars has been studied and proven. The key is to find positive ways to support your kids and their athletic achievements. We’ve all seen the opposite approach: the renegade dad screaming at the ref from the sideline, mocking the coach, stomping his feet, berating their kid after the game, regardless of how hard they may have tried. This is a surefire way to ruin the athletic experience of your child as well as to prevent them from rising to their fullest potential, both on and off the field.

Instead, celebrate the competitor in your child, even over their ability to win. Foster independence in your kid by allowing them to take ownership in their sports successes, as well as their failures. Treat the coach as an ally, not an adversary. Here are some helpful points Renkens would like to share with every sports parent:

In conclusion, you’ll find that your relationship with your child clearly benefits from this positive, supportive role that you can play in their athletic exploits. Jack Renkens offers plenty of support to help student-athletes achieve their athletic dreams through college recruitment with Recruiting Realities. In addition to his fabulous book on the subject, “The Ultimate Student-Athlete Handbook”, Renkens also holds numerous seminars at high schools throughout the country where he explains the ins and outs in college recruiting to help athletes and their parents properly set expectations and navigate the entire process. And while a parent can be a helpful asset for any child learning their sport, many need to hear this very direct message from Renkens himself:

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