The College Planning Summit 2015 Answers Recruiting Questions

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The College Planning Summit 2015Understanding the recruiting process for college athletes can be very difficult, especially for parents and student athletes who are experiencing it for the first and only time. Fortunately, the College Planning Summit, has organized an insightful speaker series, bringing 20 Top College Experts in the country together to share advice and offer assistance for those seeking to attend college. Recruiting Realities’ founder Jack Renkens has been invited to lead the discussion regarding sports and the college recruitment process for student athletes.


Helping provide access to students from all over the world, the College Planning Summit is being made available for free through a live broadcast of Renkens talk on November 15th at 9PM EST. This is a one-time opportunity to hear from Renkens, who helps educate student athletes from around the country about the college recruiting process, from freshman year to senior year, and well beyond. For families trying to learn about the student-athlete recruiting process and want to understand how to best go about the recruiting process, this broadcast by Jack Renkens will reveal crucial elements and tips for helping them succeed during this trying process.

The College Planning Summit 2015 - Jack Renkens, Recruiting Realities

This a virtual Summit that you can attend from your computer or phone making it convenient for all student-athletes, parents and coaches to participate.


For anyone who misses this opportunity, The College Planning Summit will provide the Audio Downloads and Summary Notes of all 20 interviews from the Summit for a package offer of $97.00 (a $4,000 value). However, the live broadcast is an excellent chance for you to hear this information for free. Remember, you have just one shot at finding the right school to be a student athlete at, and the more information you have at hand, the better your chances are for success.

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