Tips To Not Irritate Your High School Coach

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It is inevitable that a college coach interested in a student-athlete will first talk to their high school coach. Afterall, they have a clear understanding of the type of player you are in all types of situations, on and off the field. So it is significantly important not to peeve your high school coach no matter how good you think you are.

Here are few tips to help you stay off your high school’s coach bad side:

Don’t Ask Them To Contact Colleges You Most Likely Don’t Have A Shot With

High school coaches will usually help you in your college recruiting process. It is important not to ask them to contact colleges that don’t match your abilities. Although you always want the best for yourself, your coach will usually know better in that regard, as they deal with this process on a yearly basis.

Asking your coach to reach out to colleges where your chances of getting recruited are close to none will not only disappoint you, but it will make your coach lose credibility among college recruiters.

Showing Up Late To Practice

This one is a no-brainer, as you don’t usually want to show up late to anything in life that requires you being there on time. When an interested college coach asks your high school coach about you, what’s stopping them from telling them you’re a great player but show up late to practice often. Make showing up to practice five minutes early a priority.

Have Parents Who Are Annoying

You can’t blame your parents for being excited and over-involved. They only want the best for you. But having a parent that is always complaining to your high school coach about things such as your playing time or their decision making will be sure to put them on an annoying list. Your coach is just doing what they think is best for the team and has probably had their fair share of complaining and over-involved parents over the years, so cut him or her some slack. Instead, address your concerns personally and tell your parents to stay on the sidelines.

Don’t Be Reckless On Social Media

It is a fact that college programs have someone monitoring potential recruits on social media platforms. And it’s also fact that student-athlete’s get removed from recruit lists all the time when they post reckless things. A high school will also absolutely hate reckless posts on social media because you are a representing the team. So don’t do it.

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