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Inspirational Stories for Student Athletes

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Hearing inspirational stories of successful student-athletes can remind us that anything is possible. The following stories demonstrate that the recipe for success for a student-athlete is hard work and perseverance. Michael Jordan Did you ...

How To Balance Academics and Athletics as a Student-Athlete

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Being a student-athlete is tough. The athletic ability and skills won’t be enough if you can’t perform on the academic level. Deadlines and commitments as a high school or college athlete will add ...

Do’s and Don’ts During an Official College Visit as a Student Athlete

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Official college visits for student athletes are usually reserved for the best of the best. So if invited to one it is important to know what to do and what ...

Varsity Blitz Coach’s Radio Show: Athletic Recruiting with Jack Renkens

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In this radio interview by Varsity Blitz and 105.7 The Fan, college recruiting expert Jack Renkens highlights several of his key points in regards to successful student-athlete recruiting. What should students and their parents be looking for ...

The Dangers of Social Media Every Student-Athlete Should Know

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Social media has rapidly become everyone’s public platform for sharing ideas, opinions, photos, and funny videos. While this can be an incredible way for young teenagers to reach out to all their ...

4 Motivational Movies for Student-Athletes

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Student-athletes need inspiration. And while it’s inspiring to win a big game or score a big touchdown, there’s something magical and special in watching an incredible story unfold on the ...

Important Roles in the College Recruiting Process You Should Know

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Collegiate athletic recruiting is a serious business. It presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for student athletes to earn a scholarship for a college education while pursuing the sport they love. ...

10 Things Serious High School Student-Athletes Do Differently

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Thousands of student-athletes get rewarded each year with the opportunity to play their sport at the collegiate level, but it’s no surprise that the ones that most often ...

8 Questions To Ask Your Division I Coach

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Whether you are meeting a Division I, II or III Coach, you should be prepared beforehand with a number of questions regarding your college recruiting opportunity.  Here are ...

How do I get my name out to Division II coaches?

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My coach thinks I can play in college at the Division II level, but I don't know where to start. How do I get my name out to coaches who may not know about me?