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“Jack uses humor and a straight-to-the-point approach to deliver his message. His desire to empower parents and maximize their resources to help their child achieve their goals really shows during his presentation. Parents found the information very useful in helping them navigate the process of furthering their student’s athletic pursuits into college. I would recommend Jack to any athletic programs that want to help their student-athletes excel in sports after high school.”

– David Moore, Athletic Director // Granada High School

“10!!!!! Jack’s message was well received by the parents and student-athletes at Martin County High School. He provided a dose of reality which set our student-athletes on the right path while also giving them the hope (and proper tools) that if they do the necessary things they will put themselves in the best possible position to fulfill their dream of continuing their careers while getting someone else to pay for it.”

– Mark Cowles, Athletic Director // Martin County High School

“Jack did a great job! Our attendance was affected by a snow storm but it still was impactful for those that attend.
I think Jack’s honesty about the process helps all who are affected by the process make sense of it all and provides prospective live by.”

– Ryan // Muskego-Norway Schools

“Jack’s message is invaluable for athletes and parents to hear. As an Athletic Director and a parent of aspiring college athletes, I cannot say enough about the insight and perspective Jack provides. Thank you so much for working with us to get him to West Aurora.”

– Jason Buckley, CAA, Athletic Director // West Aurora High School

“How many presentations do you attend that you just wish could last longer? This is one of them. Jack has the ability to zero in on the topic and provide meaningful pieces to the puzzle of college recruiting.””

– Ken Erny, CAA, Athletic Director // Fruitport High School

“This is the second time Jack has come to visit our school. Both times the feedback from parents and athletes has been nothing but positive. Jack’s message not only provides coaches and student athletes with information on college athletics, but also about participation in high school athletic programs. He is straightforward with this audience and states nothing but the realities of recruitment and the process as a whole. Jack provides an impartial and well balanced overview of high school athletics and recruitment that all parents and student athletes should hear.”

– Jim Altendorf, Athletic Director // Cary-Grove High School

“I have seen Jack Renken’s speak twice. I have followed his advice and watched over his youtube videos. Every player that has ever asked for help, I always have them watch Jacks videos. I have just had my first girls fast-pitch softball player recruited to Purdue University and it cost us nothing for her to be recruited. She had the skills, grades and we had the knowledge thanks to Jack Renken’s.”

– Joe Kuntner, Head Coach Girl’s Softball Junior Varsity at Pius XI High School // Greater Milwaukee Area

“Jack recently visited HUHS for the first time. The hour he spent with our students, coaches and families made a lasting impression on all. I have received nothing but positive feedback from all in attendance. Jack’s first hand knowledge on college recruiting is evident as well as his passion for the topic. As a 1st year Athletic Director, I would suggest Jack’s presentation to all new and veteran administrators. Jack’s message will hit home for all in attendance as he not only concentrates on the recruiting process but also the importance of positive parenting and the influence social media and cells phones have on student athlete’s futures.”

– Scott Helms, Athletic Director at Hartford Union High School // Hartford, WI

“Jack Renkens speaks the hard truth about the realities of recruiting. He provides a wealth of knowledge that is useful, yet is entertaining to the audience. Jack provides the understanding on how to navigate through the recruiting process. He separates the truths from the myths.”

– Joe Cramp, H.S. Athletic Director at Haddon Heights // Haddon Heights, NJ

“Jack Renkens speaks the hard truth about the realities of recruiting. He provides a wealth of knowledge that is useful, yet is entertaining to the audience. Jack provides the understanding on how to navigate through the recruiting process. He separates the truths from the myths.”

– Scott Drabczyk, Director of Athletics at Father Lopez Catholic High School // Daytona Beach, FL

“Jack is very knowledgeable and engaging. The students and their parents learn a great deal of information. This is a great program, and one that we will continue to have here at Saint John Vianney.”

– Rich Lamberson, Director of Athletics at St. John Vianney // Holmdel, NJ

“I have had the opportunity to hear Jack present three times and each time I walk away with a better understanding of how to support our kids and their families in the complicated world of recruiting. There are opportunities out there for athletes to continue their careers beyond high school and earn financial aid in the process. We need to do the best we can to position families to take advantage of those opportunities and Jack’s presentation gives us tools to do that.”

– Tony Davis, District Athletic Director & Asst. Principal at Tahoma High School // Covington, WA

“Jack connects the dots for student athletes, coaches and parents who want to know more about the college selection process. It really is a game. Knowing the rules and how to navigate the system are essential for career and life success.”

– Chad Larsen, Athletic Director at Bellingham High School // Bellingham, WA

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your efforts on providing me with material and information to promote Jack’s message.  I was very happy, as were my coaches, parents, student-athletes.  I only wish that I had Jack year’s ago.  I can only promise you that I will do all I can to help promote him.  Please feel free to give him my name and number to anyone who is on the fence about his message.  Jack was great and a very nice person.  Everything he said is what I have preached for years– it sure was good to hear someone put it out there like he does.  Great job!”

– Danny Haney, Athletic Director at North Broward Prep // Coconut Creek, FL

”Jack really puts recruiting into perspective.  His knowledge and resources are very valuable in truly understanding the recruiting process.  His message to the parents and student-athletes was awesome and served as a reality check.  This is is a message all high schools should be giving their student-athletes and parents yearly.”

– Kevin Flegner, CAA, Arrowhead Activities Director // Hartland, WI

“Jack’s presentation is both informative and entertaining.  His message is clear and eye opening to parents.  It is a must for all athletes and parents who plan to go on to the next level. Coaches and guidance personnel also benefit from this talk.  Jack’s presentation validates the coaches’ role as a caring individual preparing athletes for the next level as well as life long lessons.”

– Dan Comeau, CMAA, Director of Athletics, Treasure Coast High School // Port St. Lucie, FL

“Every time Jack brings his message to our community, those in attendance are talking about it for weeks to follow.  He entertains while he informs and keeps the audience engaged the entire time.  What Jack has to say is critical to the athletes, parents and coaches.  Having Jack share his knowledge and experience with recruiting makes all of our roles in the process much easier.”

– Linda Anderson, Satellite High School // Satellite Beach, FL

“Jack provides an accurate, real world description of the realities of college recruiting.  jack’s style holds no punches and tells YOU exactly how it is.  His presentation is a MUST see for all you families who has a child who aspires you to playing at the next level – whether it be Division I, II, III, NAIA, etc… When it comes to recruiting and with the bases loaded, Jack is who you want at the plate.  Every time he is at Hamilton he hits a Grand Slam!”

– Michael Gosz, Athletic & Activities Director at Hamilton High School // Chandler, AZ

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Jack and the entire Recruiting Realities team!  I received 100% positive feedback from the evening’s presentation  and I know I learned a lot also!!!  Jack’s dynamic and enthusiastic style coupled with unsurpassed knowledge in this area, made the entire event memorable for all who attended.  I will be calling again in the future to schedule him in our building, as I can’t imagine anyone having more effect on our community than Jack!”

– Jack McGovern, Director of Athletics at Bergen Catholic High School // Oradell, NJ

“I highly recommend Jack’s talk on the recruiting process to any student-athlete regardless of their level of play.  The kind of information Jack shares is a must for every student and parent to hear.  This program is much more informative than any of the local services claiming to have recruiting expertise.  Recruiting Realities has the credentials to back it up”

– Frank Lenti, Head Football Coach & Athletic Director at Mount Carmel High School // Tempe, AZ

“As usual Jack did an incredible job giving his “Recruiting Realities” presentation to our parents and student-athletes.  Since he visited our campus, I have had numerous attendees contact me to share with me what a great job Jack did.  Student-athletes from the middle school level through high school seniors and their parents have a new (and accurate) perspective on collegiate athletics and what it takes to be successful at the next level.  Thanks for another fantastic job!”

– Roy Moore, CMAA, Athletic Director, Vista Murrieta High School // Murrieta, CA

“Jack is a dynamic speaker who cuts through all the fat and red tape and tells it like it really is. His ability to make contact with the audience and get his message accross is extraordinary.  Our parents are still calling and asking for follow up on his presentation   Well worth the time and effort, and I highly recommend his presentation both for clarity to families and as support for coaches.”

– Mike Stephenson, Asst. Principal for Athletics at St. Augustine High School // San Diego, CA